nanon - Vision

" To be the expert transportation service provider in Thailand and ASEAN. "


In order to achieve this vision, we will perform:

• Continuous corporate performance improvement to ensure our staffs are constantly thriving to improve their skills sets both individually and as a team. We will do this through group learning activities and providing our staff with exposure to attain new and innovative ideas so we can remain leaders of our industry.

• Sustainable and consistent growth there will always be cargo to be moved and many transporters to choose from. What sets Nanon apart is our ability to continually provide our customers with superior levels of satisfaction. This company ideal allows us to sustain our growth long in to the future.
• Return on investment using our ability to effectively control our fleet and plan cargos movement we can assure our customers that there will be a notice able return on their investment.

nanon - Mission

" To provide transportation services with international standard and advance technology for efficiency to deliver goods to customers timely with safe. "

To achieve this mission nanon is committed to:

• Expediency we will have dedicated teams and equipment to serve our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

• Reliability our experience and success in managing supply chains and logistics for a variety of customers provides us unrivaled knowledge and ability to be able to deliver what we promise. Our experience allows us to develop systems and guide lines to ensure 100% reliability.

• International Standards we transport oversize heavy cargo to hazardous dangerous chemicals through cities, villages and across mountains for various projects. In order to offer consistent services, anon is dedicated to achieving our mission using international standard and best practice.

Our People

The management team is comprised of a group of highly experienced specialists with a broad range of skills and expertise both domestically and internationally. The team has a significant range of business experience and contacts in the industry. We employ over 400 people whose focus is to deliver the "best in sector" service standards to our customers and we train and develop our employees to ensure consistency and continual improvement in our performance. Our people are our best asset and they are proud of our business.

The training program provided to all employees overs theory, practical and assessments courses is provided through a combination of :

  • In house classroom theoretical training using internal trainers.
  • In house practical training using internal trainers.
  • External training where we sent our employees to attend courses provided by training institutions or special organizations.
  • On the job training that is provided to employees depending on their job description or job assignment.
  • Third party trainers who are invited to conduct specialized training on various to pics.

Training – Gallery

Training (1) Training (1) Training (4) Training (5) Training (7) Training (11) Training (13) Training (14)

We believe in the importance of a well trained workforce and all our drivers are trained by certificated safety and security trainers from overseas. However we are also committed to the Japanese principal of “completely check completely find out” or “CCCF” and we provide twice yearly training that covers the following topics.

  • Customer service
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental driving
  • Drug and alcohol free driving
  • Maintenance of vehicles
  • Strapping and securing of goods and containers
  • Maximum loading capacities, Maximum driving hours
  • Dangerous goods regulations
  • Prohibition of common loading of dangerous goods
  • New government regulations.
  • Support Natural resources conservation

CSR – Gallery

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