Our Customer

Nanon has vast experience in performing services comparable to the services detailed in the scope of services. The table below lists relevant current and past experience and we hope that it provides confidence that Nanon is ready to perform the services.

Project: Phu-Kham/Ban Houay-xai Operations(Thailand to Lao PDR) Period:2006 to present

  • Copper concentrate transportation as backload
  • Provision of general cargo transportation
  • Customs and in-transit clearance services for all cargo types
  • Dangerous and hazardous goods cargo transportation
  • Oversized and heavy cargo transportation
    Equipment and services provided:
  • Combination of 20’chassisand 40’semi-trailers, 10wheeled, 6 wheeled and 4 wheeled trucks
  • Supply low-bed and modular trailers for heavy cargo
  • Provision of export and in-transit license
  • Provision of warehousing, consolidation