Our Experience

Nanon has an extensive history of providing transportation and logistics services to major construction and operational projects throughout the region.We’ re proud to be able to join with these major companies to ensure that their projects and operations are executed successfully. These critical partnerships and exposure to major international customers has provided us with invaluable experience and knowledge which Nanon will look to continually leverage in the coming years. A list of our major past and current customers is provided in the table below.

The map to the right shows the location of our past and present major customers. As can be seen, the projects we have serviced span through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, China and Indonesia. Our strategy is to continue to consolidate our market position in Thailand whilst expanding services to other countries in the immediate region

Quality assurance
Over the past several years he Nanon team has worked diligently to establish management systems that have gained ISO accreditation. We are delighted by this achievement and will ensure that we continue to remain ISO accredited in all areas. Through audits and the implementation of continuous improvement models we strongly believe that Nanon will be able to further develop its existing management systems for the benefit of all stakeholders.

  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS–Nanon received ISO 9001:2015 certification on 14 November 2007 (certificate number TH015048, valid until 3 November 2022). This standard relates to quality management systems and covers internal management systems that ensure that a systematic approach is used to meet the requirements of customers and stakeholders.

Personnel training and qualification
We train and develop our employees to ensure consistency of understanding and application of theory and continual improvement in our performance. Improving the skills and knowledge of our staff is critical to the ongoing success of our business and Nanon have dedicated resources to undertake this activity. We have specific training requirements for each position (recorded in Nanon training matrix) and are continuous developing additional training materials and programs for each position. Where we do not have in-house expertise, we either send our staff on external training programs or invite third party trainers to conduct courses.
The training program provided to all employee overs theory, practical and assessments. Courses are provided through a combination of:

  • In-house classroom theoretical training using internal trainers
  • In-house practical training using internal trainers
  • External training where we send our employees to attend courses provided by training institutions or special organizations
  • On the job training that is provided to employees depending on their job description or job assignment
  • Third party trainers who are invited to conduct specialized training on various topics