Nanon (Thailand)
Nanon (Thailand)

Nanon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 originally to provide car carrier transportation services to Honda and Toyota and has rapidly expanded to cater for the growing logistical needs of Thailand’s booming economy. The main office, yard and workshop are strategically located near the airport within 2,500 meters of the Lad Krabang container terminal. The locality offers excellent access to major transportation corridors south to the eastern seaboard industrial zone, and north east through to the northern provinces of Thailand, through to Laos, China and beyond.

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Expert people

The key leadership team are all degree educated with vast experience in transportation and international logistics. All other support staffs have excellent experience in logistics and transportation, having managed multiple projects in different countries in South East Asia. The team has the expertise to ensure that transportation operations always run according to plan.

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Nanon is committed to continuously improving its operations inline customer requirements and international best practice and shall further resource and invest in our operations to ensure that a professional solution is provided and maintained.

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Nanon is a Thai owner and registered company with an excellent history of project delivery, is well positioned to provide these services. Our company prides itself on providing safe, cost effective and transparent logistics solutions that continually exceed customers’ expectations.

Customer can be confident that Nanon is best positioned to deliver the tendered requirements as:

  • We will enhance the operation by focusing on the mitigation of operational and financial risk through the implementation of business management systems that are ISO9001 certified.
  • We are long term players in the transportation and logistics market regionally and in Thailand. Unlike other operators that have performed in peaks and troughs in the region our growth and presence has been consistent. This can be attributed to our willingness and ability to invest in our business and continually provide high levels of service to our clients.
  • Owned and operated as a Thai entity, Nanon is attune to local operating conditions, transportation regulations and customs procedures. Our experience in Thailand and Laos best positions us to deal with the unique requirements governing the movement of concentrate across international borders.
  • Nanon is a financially sound business that has demonstrated constant growth. We have the firm backing and support of several Thai financial institutions that allow us to reinvest and expand our operations.
  • Our experience in the mining industry has delivered proven and attested quantified value to other customers

The Nanon Group owns and operates several local, cross border and international transportation and logistics businesses. The group has controlling and financial interest in a total of four (5) different companies, with Nanon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. being the largest of these. Admired publicly listed Groups are state partners and investors that provide access to excellent relationships and expertise around the region.
The company structure of the Nanon Group is provided in the chart below.

The Nanon Group offers a range of logistics solutions for unique market segments including; project cargo handling, shipping heavy and oversized cargo, dangerous and hazardous goods, bulk minerals ( Copper concentrate, Coal) ,Dust Cement , Fuel, other general logistics and transportation services. Nanon also prides itself in being able to offer freight forwarding and customs clearance services that add value to the core transportation solutions platform provided.

Vision and Mission


The vision of Nanon is “To be the preferred international transportation service provider in Thailand and the ASEAN region

In order to achieve this vision we will perform:

  • Continuous corporate performance improvement–to ensure our staffs are constantly driving to improve their skills sets both individually and as a team. We will do this through group learning activities and providing our staff with exposure to attain new and innovative ideas so we can remain leaders of our industry.
  • Sustain able and consistent growth-there will always be cargo to be moved and many transporters to choose from. What sets Nanon apart is our ability to continually provide our customers with superior levels of satisfaction. This company ideal allows us to sustain our growth long in to the future.
  • Return on investment–using our ability to effectively control our fleet and plan cargo movement we can assure our customers that there will be a notice able return on their investment.


The mission of Nanon is “To supply our customers with problem free and efficient management of their freight and logistics requirements while supplying world-class services with professional and friendly staff

To achieve this mission Nanon is committed to:

  • Expediency–we will have dedicated teams and equipment to serve our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Reliability-our experience and success in managing supply chains and logistics for a variety of customers provides us unrivalled knowledge and ability to be able to deliver what we promise. Our experience allows us to develop systems and guide lines to ensure 100% reliability.
  • International Standards–we transport over-sized/ heavy cargo to hazardous/ dangerous chemicals through cities, villages and across mountains for various projects. In order to offer consistent services, Nanon is dedicated to achieving our mission using international standard sand best practice.

Our Service

Our core services include transportation, project handling, supply chain management and customs clearance in Thailand, Laos and Malaysia. We also provide sea and air freight forwarding, warehousing, materials management and consolidation.
The details of our service as followings:

  • Transportation- utilizing more than 400 long haul heavy transport vehicles, Nanon has built an impressive reputation for provide in the best in country and cross border logistical services in the industry.
    We have extensive experience in carrying all types of general and project cargo. We have specialized trailers to carry over-weight and over-sized cargo. Our fleet is maintained on a scheduled bas is guaranteeing that Nanon equipment can always be relied on when required for security and fleet visibility every truck is equipped with a Real time GPS and CCTV tracking system that allows our customers to pin point the location of any truck at any time.
    We also have expertise in car carrier operations Our fully equipped car carrier truck fleet collects and delivers vehicles although out Thailand and to Laos daily. Our drivers receive regular training to ensure that each car arrives at its destination safely and without a scratch.
  • Cross Border Logistics in transit license allows our fleet service customers cross border requirements without having to rely on third party arrangements. We are able to carry transit cargo from any border crossing or point of entry in Thailand to any other point of exit or authorized bonded or in transit warehouse facility.
  • Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance- we offer international freight forwarding using both air and sea freight and also customs clearance effective and flexible solutions.
  • Refrigerated transportation Services- we provide refrigerated transportation services for perishable and sensitive produce requiring a constant temperature.the refrigerated units are equipped with an air-cooled condenser that automatically controls temperature to maintain a constant environment.
  • Ware housing and Consolidation- we provide a ware house management system which safeguards our customer’s property using a combination of physical and electronic devices.
    Our ware house facility has excellent loading and offloading access that enables us to check cargo quickly and accurately.

Our Experience

Nanon has an extensive history of providing transportation and logistics services to major construction and operational projects throughout the region.We’ re proud to be able to join with these major companies to ensure that their projects and operations are executed successfully. These critical partnerships and exposure to major international customers has provided us with invaluable experience and knowledge which Nanon will look to continually leverage in the coming years. A list of our major past and current customers is provided in the table below.

The map to the right shows the location of our past and present major customers. As can be seen, the projects we have serviced span through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, China and Indonesia. Our strategy is to continue to consolidate our market position in Thailand whilst expanding services to other countries in the immediate region

Quality assurance
Over the past several years he Nanon team has worked diligently to establish management systems that have gained ISO accreditation. We are delighted by this achievement and will ensure that we continue to remain ISO accredited in all areas. Through audits and the implementation of continuous improvement models we strongly believe that Nanon will be able to further develop its existing management systems for the benefit of all stakeholders.

  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS–Nanon received ISO 9001:2015 certification on 14 November 2007 (certificate number TH015048, valid until 3 November 2022). This standard relates to quality management systems and covers internal management systems that ensure that a systematic approach is used to meet the requirements of customers and stakeholders.

Personnel training and qualification
We train and develop our employees to ensure consistency of understanding and application of theory and continual improvement in our performance. Improving the skills and knowledge of our staff is critical to the ongoing success of our business and Nanon have dedicated resources to undertake this activity. We have specific training requirements for each position (recorded in Nanon training matrix) and are continuous developing additional training materials and programs for each position. Where we do not have in-house expertise, we either send our staff on external training programs or invite third party trainers to conduct courses.
The training program provided to all employee overs theory, practical and assessments. Courses are provided through a combination of:

  • In-house classroom theoretical training using internal trainers
  • In-house practical training using internal trainers
  • External training where we send our employees to attend courses provided by training institutions or special organizations
  • On the job training that is provided to employees depending on their job description or job assignment
  • Third party trainers who are invited to conduct specialized training on various topics

Contact Us

No.7 Happy Place Road,
Klongsampravet, Ladkrabang,
Bangkok 10520


+662 172 8625-28
+662 737 5505